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Open New Doors

Business in Spain

AURA is an international business consulting company, specializing in assisting international companies expand into Spain and assisting Spanish companies to expand into new markets abroad. An expert local business agent will help your company overcome communication, cultural, and geographical barriers that exist when entering new markets.

AURA provides the local presence and cross cultural expertise necessary to establish new distribution channels, find key business associates, coordinate with local regulatory or administrative agencies, and to resolve unforeseen problems, in order to seamlessly start-up and manage a successful international branch of your business.

AURA is a consulting company offering  AgencyConsultingMediation and Negotiations Training services.  One of our primary tasks is to assist our international clients communicate effectively with local businesses or regulatory agencies, in order to:

      • Resolve Conflicts and Overcome Obstacles
      • Disentangle Difficult Negotiations
      • Strengthen Business Relationships
      • Build Trust, and 
      • Reach Durable High Quality Agreements