Message From The President
Oscar Toledo - Co-founder

Mr. Oscar Toledo

“At AURA we understand the importance of building trust in order to find creative solutions with our business partners.  This is one of the keys that helps us create value on a consistent basis.  

Our broad international experience allows AURA negotiators to communicate naturally and effectively with our international clients and their counterparts, in a manner that they can relate to.  This is an an essential pre-requisite to being able to build the necessary level of trust among parties.  

We compound this specialized communication ability with one of the principle pillars of our business, which is our unwavering commitment to maintaing high ethical standards and behavior in all our business interactions.” 

 Mr. Oscar Toledo – Co-founder Aura Consulting


Please click on the following link for a video message from Mr. Oscar Toledo on some of the common mistakes negotiators make:

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