Bringing Sides Together

Bringing Sides Together

There are times when conflicts cannot be resolved directly by the parties involved and a third, neutral party is required to mediate the conflict, and open up the dead lock.

A neutral third party can guide the negotiations towards interests and away from positions, and can guide the negotiations towards creating value rather than destroying it.

Our mediator will:

  • Look beyond dug-in positions, strong emotions, and established pre-dispositions to identify the underlying interests of each side.
  • Maintain impartiality, and share sensitive information only when each party is in agreement.
  • Use profesional techniques to create a positive atmosphere.
  • Meet independently with each side as required to resolve the conflict and find a win/win solution.

Our main objective is to subtly guide the mediation with minimal involvement, while resolving key  conflicts, and finding agreement that is beneficial to all sides.