Negotiation Fundamentals – High Quality Agreements
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Increase Revenue – Reach High Value Agreements

Course Title:  Negotiations Fundamentals – High Quality Agreements

Course Objective:  Learn to negotiate high quality agreements (financial success, relationship success, image, reputation, stability, durability and efficiency), and understand the key process required to reach a high quality deal.  

Intended Participants: Courses are intended for company representatives responsible for reaching economic agreements with foreign companies.

Minimum Requirements: Fluency in written and spoken English, previous experience in business negotiations.

Course Duration: 4 hours

Cost: 950,00 Euros

Skills Acquired:  In depth understanding of the negotiating process and negotiation goals, as well understanding the external factors that influence the dynamics of the negotiation.

Course Content:

1.  Definitions
2.  Common negotiations problems
3.  Principle Components of High Quality Agreements
4.  Agreement Bias
5.  Key Processes In Reaching a Deal
5.1.  Creating and Claiming
5.2.  Planning and Preparation
5.3.  Agenda Setting
5.4.  Initial Goals
5.5.  Building supporting arguments.
5.6.  Address your opponents perspective.
5.7.  Closing Statements
5.8.  Build rapport
5.9.  Signal Respect
5.10.  Communicate Enthusiasm
5.11.  Appear Optimistic
5.12.  Signal a problem solving approach
5.13.  Be specific about the agenda
5.14.  Identify issues upfront
6.    Objective Criteria
7.    Positions and Interests
8.    Aspirations
9.    Determine your BATNA
10.  Situational Factors
11.  Possible Solutions

Course Summary:  This course teaches the fundamental components of a high quality agreements (financial success, relationship success, image, reputation, stability, durability and efficiency), and teaches the student the key process required to reach a high quality deal.  This is the first of three courses that introduce the founding pillars of negotiations methodology followed by expert negotiators internationally.  The course edges the participant to look at a negotiation from their counterparts point of view, thereby gaining a better level of understanding of each sides perspective, increasing the level of creativity in the creating process, and improving the level of collaboration and trust between the two parties. The methodology followed is based on the negotiations concepts originally presented by Roger Fisher and William Ury L. These concepts have been updated and revised in this course to include methodologies developed by leading educational institutions in the U.S. such as Harvard University and the University of Notre Dame. The basic principles covered in this course provide the basis for the development company wide systematic negotiations procedures, and to improve the value and durability of the agreements reached between business partners. The course includes the participation in a simulated negotiation where the participant is able to put into practice the methodologies and concepts presented in the course, and to reinforce new negotiation habits such as planning, goal setting , establishing better personal ties with the opposing party, finding objective criteria, to identify the interests of each party, and to find creative solutions, among other skills.

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