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Put theory into practice

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Gain a competitive edge by applying the the latest negotiations technology.
This know-how is designed for gaining success, increased revenues and business opportunities.
Training classes are imparted using the SeeYourself® training system to maximize learning efficiency.
Courses offered by AURA are designed to :
  • Gain a competitive advantage in international negotiations.
  • Improve business and operational relationships with foreign companies.
  • Increase the revenue potential of your commercial agreements.
AURA´s training courses incorporate the latest available technologies in international negotiations and conflict resolution:
  • Based on the negotiations model developed by Roger Fisher and William Ury of Harvard University.
  • Updated with the latest methodologies developed by Harvard University, the University of Notre Dame, and other prominent authorities.
  • Practical real world examples .
  • Imparted using the SeeYourself® training system for maximizing the learning outcome.
  • Includes the participation in practical training simulations.
  • Lessons and practice sessions presented in English.

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We can´t think of someone better suited to teach negotiations than a seasoned negotiator who can provide rich experienced based practical examples.

Companies from some previous course participants: