How are others seeing you?

How are others seeing you?

The SeeYourself® system takes Negotiations and Presentations Training to a new level of excellence.

The system consists of the following 10 basic steps:
  1. Presents the latest available course content.
  2. Provides real world examples on the materials discussed.
  3. Seeks student interaction in questioning any aspects of the presentation to gain a clearer understanding.
  4. Tests the students understanding of the subject matter.
  5. Students participate in negotiations simulations or presentations where they apply the theory learned.
  6. Reviews results of negotiations simulations or presentation sessions and methodologies used by students.
  7. *Video tape practice sessions.
  8. *Expert edits video tape and makes notes on video with possible improvements based on theory provided.
  9. *Video is presented to students for real feedback on actual performance.
  10. *Students keep edited video for future reference and review.

*Note:  Items 7,8,9 and 10 are available at an additional cost per student.