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COURSES OFFERED – Click on any of the course names below to obtain detailed content information for that specific course. To request additional information fill in a contact request form in the Contact Us section of the web site.  

Each course consists of theoretical instruction, practical examples, a question and answer period as well as a participative  negotiations simulation, that illustrate and reinforce the lessons learned.  

The following courses are offered:

A.1 – Advanced international negotiations

A.2 – Effective international presentations 

B.1 – High Quality Agreements

B.2 – Creating and Claiming

B.3 – Principle Based Negotiations

B.4 – Professional Negotiation Tools

B.5 – Strategic Negotiation Styles

B.6 – Difficult Negotiations – Conflict Resolution

B.7 – Manage Hostility. Aggression and Emotions 

B.8 – Leverage Your Level of Influence

B.9 Optimize Team Negotiations

B.10 – Optimize Cross Cultural Negotiations 


Companies from some previous course participants: